About Us

Our Officers:

  • Leigh Merryday Porch , President: Media Specialist/Teacher – Putnam County School District, Blogger – FlappinessIs.com, Special Needs Advocate, Special Needs Parent
  • Det. Jared Guy, Vice-President: Community Services Coordinator – Putnam County Sheriff’s Office
  • Libby Weaver, Secretary: Director of Exceptional Education – Putnam County School District
  • Kathleen Gebert, Treasurer: Grief Specialist – Hospice of Citrus County of the Nature Coast

Putnam Project Lighthouse, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Cheryl Brenner:  Putnam County Parent Liaison for the Center for Autism and Related Disorders
  • The Hon. Joe Boatwright of the Putnam County Court
  • Jane Crawford:  Putnam County School Board Member (District 5), Counselor – St. Johns River State College, Educator and Guidance Counselor (Retired) – Putnam County Schools
  • Tiffany Guy:  Pre-kindergarten Teacher – Putnam County Schools
  • Jon Kinney: Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (Retired)
  • Chris Lee:  School Administrator – Putnam County Schools, Behavior Specialist, Pastor
  • Mark Lynady: Palatka Fire Department
  • Janet Martin: Director of Business Development – Putnam Community Medical Center
  • D’Arcy Miller: School Administrator (Retired) – Putnam County Schools
  • Lt. Jason Nettles: Putnam County Sheriff’s Department
  • Marsha Peacock: Staffing Specialist – Putnam County School District
  • Kaye Tucker: Putnam County Sheriff’s Department

Our Partners


  • Traci Piscitello: Putnam County Schools District Office
  • Suzanne Ryan: Putnam County Schools (Retired)
  • Jared Dollar: Sunrise Rotary of Palatka