Resources for Autism Elopement:

AWAARE – Working to prevent wandering incidents and deaths within the autism community.

The Big Red Safety Box – a toolkit for families by the National Autism Association.

For First Responders – resources for first responders.

For Physicians and Therapists – information for health care professionals.

For School Administrators – autism elopement information for schools.

Special Needs Swimming Lessons – by state.

Preventing Wandering: Resources for Parents and First Responders – Autism Speaks.

The SPECTRUM Alert: 8 Steps Schools Can Take to Prevent Autism-Elopement Tragedy

Wandering and Autism: What We Know, What We Need

Resources for Dementia-Related Elopement:

Wandering Behavior: Preparing for and Preventing It

Creating Effective Systems to Manage Wandering Behavior

Myth Busting: The Wandering Issue

Wandering Risk Assessment Tool

Alzheimer’s Dandyfunk – Goods and services

Alzheimer’s Association